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Zoe Clifton Designs is a unique patchwork and quilting business with a reputation as a top-end online supplier to patchwork and craft wholesalers and retailers. Zoe, an Australian designer, has specialised in working with patchwork fabrics for more than two decades, with her distinct patchwork pattern designs widely popular.

Thanks to her experience, Zoe’s skills, product quality and variety of designs have evolved and grown over the years. Her work is now renowned in the craft world, and in demand when it comes to wholesalers and quilting and patchwork retail stockists. She also offers a range of quilting and patchwork classes.

Retailers and wholesalers anywhere in the world can buy creative and colourful Zoe Clifton patchwork patterns, templates and books, in bulk, from Zoe Clifton Designs’ online shop, or fill out the inquiry form on this page.

Zoe’s four published books; Melon Magic, With Scraps of Time, Times Past and More Scraps, More Time, are all available for wholesale bulk purchase. While Zoe Clifton patchwork patterns come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be used to create anything from decorative and festive stockings to quilts of any size. Zoe Clifton templates are totally unique and come in a variety of shape combinations and styles.

If you are a patchwork and craft wholesaler or retail stockist looking for more variety, better quality or unique, new and beautiful patchwork patterns, then Zoe Clifton Designs has what you are looking for. Be sure to contact us, visit our online shop or fill out the inquiry form.

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