Zoe Clifton templates

Having created patchwork pattern designs since the 1990’s, Zoe decided in the early 2000’s that it was time to make personalised Zoe Clifton patchwork templates. Zoe has designed an extensive range of patchwork template sets, along with four published patchwork and quilting books, and online patchwork shop, which she has ran for more than a decade.

Endless creativity and passion goes into Zoe Clifton templates, patchwork patterns, and books and our store is a customer and consumer-focused experience, from browsing to ordering and right through to shipping and receiving your quality, Australian made patchwork templates.

There is a wide range of unique and creative Zoe Clifton patchwork templates available, including hexagon sets, binary star sets, mountain ranges, origami and windmills. If you’re passionate about quilting and are looking for renowned, Australian designed templates, then Zoe Clifton patchwork templates are for you.