About Zoe Clifton Designs

Zoe Clifton is an Australian designer who has more than two decade’s experience with patchwork patterns and creating patchwork designs. Since the early 2000’s, Zoe has been writing patchwork patterns while also creating projects for magazines and running her own online patchwork shop.

Zoe has published four books; With Scraps of Time, Times Past, Melon Magic and More Scraps, More Time and she has also designed an extensive range of patchwork template sets. Zoe is also an established teacher and mentor and conducts patchwork and quilting classes covering most styles. She teaches the skills involved in creating patchwork patterns and templates, to students ranging from beginners through to advanced.

As a business owner for more than a decade, Zoe not only possesses talent and skill but she understands the industry and how to design for individual tastes and needs. Her products available online for retailers and wholesalers include a range of Zoe Clifton patchwork patterns, templates and books.

Zoe has vast sewing and business experience, and her patchwork designs exhibit creativity and passion. Please contact Zoe Clifton Designs for more information.