Shop our Zoe Clifton quilting patterns, templates & patchwork books.

If you have a passion for patchwork, quilting and sewing, or you are a retailer or wholesaler looking to stock unique and high-quality pieces, then Australian designer Zoe Clifton’s online store offers her renowned products at the click of a button.

Patchwork pattern, quilting templates and Zoe Clifton patchwork books, are all available for simple browsing and purchase online. Zoe also features a ‘Block of the Month’ via our online shop. With Zoe Clifton Designs’ online store, you can have unique and handmade patchwork patterns, and Zoe Clifton patchwork templates delivered to your doorstep, shop or outlet.

From anywhere in the world private customers, retailers and wholesalers can buy Zoe Clifton Designs’ range of creative and colourful patchwork patterns and templates, and books.

Zoe has published four books; With Scraps of Time, Times Past, Melon Magic and More Scraps, More Time, all available for purchase. Zoe Clifton patchwork patterns include bed & cot quilts, lap quilts, table runners and decorative stockings, while Zoe Clifton patchwork templates make piecing so easy.

Feel free to contact Zoe Clifton Designs with any inquiries about our online shop, patchwork designs and templates.