With Scraps of Time by Zoe Clifton



Quilters get a great deal of personal satisfaction from making and giving a patchwork quilt to friends and family. Each quilt starts with the selection of a pattern and fabrics, carefully chosen to suit the person the quilt is being made for, making each quilt personal and special.

After making each quilt, we often have some left over fabrics which are placed into a scrap bin for later use. These left over fabrics are not just scraps but are memories of each quilt made and the person for whom the quilt is made. Each time we pick up one of these scraps we remember with love the person, the occasion, and the special quilt.

Over time we gather quite a larger collection of these lovable scraps and that is how the title of this book, With Scraps of Time came about.

Spend some time going through your scrap bin, pick up a piece of fabric and take a few minutes to remember its history. Gather up some more fabrics that blend in with the original piece and before you know it you will have a whole family of scraps that will look gorgeous in a new quilt that will be filled with memories.

“I┬áhope you enjoy making the projects in my book and may they fill your home and heart with many special memories”…..Zoe Clifton